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Fri May 22 09:13:06 EDT 2020

This email is to notify you of an important update about emerald ash borer (EAB) for Vermont.

  *   The EAB Flight Season Starts on June 1st and continues until September 30th. This is the time when EAB emerge from ash trees and infested and untreated ash wood products, such as ash firewood, and seek new host trees and a mate. Without due care, anyone can inadvertently spread EAB to uninfested areas. By following the "Slow the Spread" recommendations<> consulting foresters, loggers, landowners, utilities, purchasers of ash forest products, and others, can responsibly move ash wood products and limit the rate of human-caused spread.

  *   Following the Slow the Spread Recommendations: Our efforts to protect Vermont's ash trees need an all-in approach to following optimal practices that reduce the risk of human-assisted spread of EAB. While we have distributed our message through numerous channels, there is evidence that we are not reaching everyone. Our goal is to ensure that all consulting foresters, logging contractors, and log haulers are aware of the flight season and the serious risk of moving ash to mills, log yards, firewood processors, and homeowners. To that end we are asking for your assistance with communicating Vermont's "Slow the Spread"<> message to those working within the infested areas. Foresters, logging contractors, and log haulers should become familiar with the "Slow the Spread" recommendations<> and contact the purchaser of ash products they work with for guidance on when, or if, they should deliver ash logs and pulpwood to them before moving those products outside an infested area. There is a high risk of spreading EAB at any time of year if ash firewood is delivered for use as homeowner firewood outside the infested area, whether it is log-length or split but not heat treated.

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