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Dear Forest Health Partner -

Happy spring! We hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. As many of us are getting outdoors more, this is also the time of year when the emerald ash borer (EAB) is emerging. Below are some important updates for you as we work together to manage this pest. For more information about EAB, visit<>

Updated Slow the Spread Recommendations for Moving Ash Materials
Based on the extent of Vermont's current EAB Infested Area<> - covering nearly 2/3 of the state - the recommendations for moving ash material <> have been updated to allow for greater movement of low-risk ash material in Vermont while providing greater protection of uninfested trees and forests. The previous recommendations were location-based and applied to moving ash material from the EAB Infested Area<>. The updated recommendations <> are condition-based and apply to moving ash wood visibly infested with EAB.

While the EAB Infested Area Map shows<> that EAB is widespread, visibly infested trees are still rare in Vermont. You can help by following the updated Slow the Spread Recommendations <> for moving all ash material in Vermont: there is still a lot of EAB spread to slow.

We Are Now in the EAB Flight Season
The EAB flight season starts on June 1st and goes through September 30th. During this time of year, EAB will be emerging from infested ash trees, logs, and firewood and seeking new host trees and mates. Moving ash materials during the flight season could spread EAB to currently un-infested areas. Therefore, there are more stringent recommendations for moving visibly infested ash materials in the updated Slow the Spread Recommendations <> to protect these areas, including delaying harvesting and not moving untreated ash until after flight season (October 1st). Slowing the spread of EAB will  allow us more time to prepare and respond, but we will all need to work together.

Report It!
If you think you have found EAB or an infested ash tree, report it<>! Having more information about where EAB is around the state will help all of us in managing the pes

Managing Ash
Questions about managing ash in your woodlot, around your home, or in your community?  Check out the resources available at<>

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If you have additional questions, let us know<mailto:jenny.lauer at>.

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